There are many options for training with Kari On Training. If you enjoy training with others in a fun welcoming environment, Group Training is where you'll exceed. If you're really wanting to tone, get fit, and radiate for a wedding, Kari will go through a plan specifically for your needs that will have you radiating while you're walking down the aisle. If you want to introduce Health & Fitness into your work environment, there is also a Corporate Training offer. Finally, if you need consistent support and guidance to meet your goals whether it be to lose 10kg, to gain muscle, or to get back to your pre baby weight, One on One Personal Training is the training for you. 

Do you need help to achieve a specific goal?  Do you need someone to push you and to keep you accountable? One on One Personal Training is what you need. Go to the One on One Personal Training page for more information.

Don't want to train alone? Join the Group Training sessions and meet others who love to train outdoors in a fun welcoming environment. Or you can create your own group of friends to train with. Go to the Group Training page for more information.

Get your workplace moving and get fit and healthy together. Corporate Training is fantastic for team building, it's great for the mind to get outside and get active, and it's so important for injury prevention. Go to the Corporate Training page for more information

If you're the happy couple, in the bridal party, or just want to look and feel confident for a wedding or event Kari's Get Fit For A Wedding is the ultimate choice. Kari will go over a specific program for you to have you light up the room. Go to the Get Fit For A Wedding Page for more information