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I absolutely love Kari’s style of training, she manages to get everyone who is at different levels of fitness in our group all working hard, with correct technique and staying motivated! She mixes up the workouts each week incorporating strength, HIIT and cardio to keep us guessing and working all muscles!
Personally I find her so supportive and she is genuinely interested in helping me reach my fitness goals. Kari has such a great attitude towards promoting a healthy lifestyle that I find so inspiring!!
— Kristen Hancock
Kari is a brilliant trainer. I started Personal Training following a serious back injury and a desire to get my fitness back in particular my muscle tone. It was also in the lead up to my wedding, so we had 6 months to get in shape. Kari created a unique and tailored program for me that slowly built in intensity as I became stronger – and I noticed great results within the first 8 weeks. Especially the tone-up in my glutes and arms. Kari is a hands on, and professional trainer that is also able to work within my busy work schedule to fit sessions in whenever possible. I especially love the protein peanut balls and other great health and diet tricks she gave me.
— Julia Marget
I started training with Kari 3 months after my first baby. The mums and bubs fitness classes were a great way for me to regain a level of fitness following pregnancy as well as providing an opportunity to socialise with other mums and their babies. Kari was great at tailoring the pace of the classes for mums getting back into exercise and was sensitive to each of us and our individual needs. She has also be very knowledgable at training me in the early weeks of my second pregnancy. Kari is very passionate about health and fitness which makes her sessions very enjoyable and motivating. She is great company and loves a chat! I can’t wait to train with her again after the birth of my second baby!
— Lisa Quinn
Kari is an absolute role model. Through her positive attitude and enthusiasm- my approach to life itself has been altered, all of which began by putting on a pair of runners. Kari has been the driving force behind my return to fitness, health and self-empowerment. She pushed me physically and mentally to achieve my ideal level of fitness, which has empowered me to feel strength in not only my body, but also my mind. It has been an absolute pleasure training with Kari. I owe a great deal for getting me where I am today!
— Alice Beaty